Friday, November 16, 2012

Remix Contest Details

Attention all aspiring DJs, electronic musicians, producers, and creative minds!
Announcing the first weekly Tenseless Sensations Remix Contest.

Each week from now on I will choose a song from my playlist, and you, the listener, will remix it and send it to me. I will play my favorite one on the show the following week, and I'll give you a distinguished mention on the blog.

  This week's objective is "Chained" by The xx. 
The track can be downloaded here.

   Get your submissions in before Wednesday, Nov. 28th. Send to

Some options for free DJ software are
1. Mixxx
2. Kramixer 
3. Ultramixer
 There is also djay (mac only) if you don't mind spending some money.
And don't forget Ableton, a professional music production software.


  1. I really like this website, and hope you will write more,thanks a lot for your information.

    producer chris young

    1. Many thanks to Chris! Check back in every week or so.

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